Freakshow Gacha has begun

The Freakshow Gacha Carnival is finally open, and I bring you my usual mix of dark and scary, with a little bit cute.

Two gachas filled with some great new makeup and eyes. As always, the eyes comes with both the normal system layer and mesh attachments, and the makeups are unisex.


Come on down and check out all the amazing designers. Your ride is here 


Thrift Shop 10 is open

That’s right, the event has just opened it’s gates to everyone.

I am taking part this round with two brand new releases, first up is something I’ve been meaning to release for a long here they finally are.

Batty fades are my brand new, faded leggings with cute little bats. Comes with tattoo layer and underpants, as well as all the appliers shown.

Secondly, just something cute and fun for those of you who like to bare a little more skin, or just want something fun to cover up.


Here is your ride to Thrift Shop. As always, everything at this event is 50% off..and remember to check out the gachas, there are so many fun things to find.


In case you missed it, The Makeover Room is still going on, so if Thrift Shop is full, come on down and grab my newest release.

Two sets of colourful eyeliners, both on tattoo layer and LeLutka appliers.

New releases at PMD, Main store rebuilt and more!

It has been a busy few days over at the Pin Me Down main store.

The whole thing has now been rebuilt, a lot of items has been added to the floors, some older items has been retired…the whole thing.

I’ve also got to thank Summer for helping me rebuild the store, without her this would have taken a lot longer. She will also be helping me post new releases, so don’t be surprised if you see her name on some posts.

As if that wasn’t enough, I am also taking part in the Body Art Hunt, so come on down and search for the hidden item. Teleport to the main store is here

The theme of this hunt is Carnival, so of course I had to go with some lively purple and blue. Features two sets of eyes in mesh and system layers, and of course a pretty lipstick to match.

PMD - Dance


For the first time ever, Pin Me Down is taking part in The Makeover Room, and I am excited to join this event.

I made two sets of lipsticks for the LeLutka heads. These are appliers only, take note of that…and expect to see more new fun things such as this from me at The Makeover Room.


Enjoy ❤

The Future is now

And by that I mean, Futurewave has opened.

I bring quite a few new goodies to this event, so check em out, then come on down and shop..and while you are there, check out all the other booths as well. I snooped around while I was setting up my booth and there are some really great stuff this year.

Hop on down directly to my booth or check out the list of merchants here

Here is the Flickr gallery just in case you happen to be stuck at work and can’t go shopping just yet.


What’s that? A sneaky sale at PMD?

Oh, oh yes indeed it is.

Today I ran through my mainstore and reduced the prices of quite a few items for you guys to find, cause hey, sneaky sale, so come on down and find them!

On november 27:th _everything_ in the store (excluding gachas, however the separately sold fatpacks are included) will be reduced by 50% or more of the original cost.

I am about to make room for a lot of items that are new, or just didn’t fit in the store before, so a lot of the items currently in the store will be retired once this sale has ended, so this is your last chance to see them in world.

If you want an early edge on the sale, better get down to the mainstore now and hunt down those cheap items!

Oh My Gacha!

Oh yes, you know what time it is!

Gacha time!

Pin Me Down is finally taking part in this awesome event, and we are bringing you a _lot_ in one single gacha.

8 eyes and 8 different eyeliners, all in matching colours can be found in this gacha. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to pick up the fatpacks, or hell, if you are really lucky, you’ll pick up the fatpack for both sets, so come on down to Oh My Gacha and play..we have a lot of awesome gachas around.