Pierce me – for Horror Haute

Coming up for this round of Horror Haute, I decided to do something a lil different then I usually do. Bloody, yes, but I’ve never done piercings before nor will I suddenly turn into yet another piercing store, no worries. Now that I look at it, it’s probably more “zomg the spikes are coming out of her stomach” then piercings, but yeah.

This set comes with two different bloody tattoos on tat, underpants and pants layers. The “piercings” are mod and copy.

Hop on down to the Mainstore and grab it for just 50L.


New stuffs

Cause you like it, I know you do 😛

No, not exactly brand new as these have all been at various events, but they are finally all available in the mainstore, so come grab them.

I have another new release to show off, but that will be in a later post. Cant wait? Then head on down to ZombiePopcorn Brand and grab it yourself ❤


These are all now available in the Mainstore, and will be added to my marketplace store later today.