Some new goodies to be had

If you missed out on The Resting Place and these makeups, don’t fret, I have now added them to the mainstore so you can come by and buy them instead.

Yeah, Im really pleased with how these turned out, so you may just be getting more Black metal-inspired makeups soon 😛


Now, back to more serious things. PMD is taking part in the Unhinged gacha festival, a fundraiser for the amazing Eku Zhong. I have both a gacha and vendors up, 75% goes directly to Eku so come by and support a good cause. Besides from me, you will find some amazing vendors and you will want to buy all the things.

In the gacha you will find this. 8 different makeups with 8 different eyelashes, none of the lashes look the same, so you will want to collect them all. The lashes have tiny little sculpted skulls on them, and they are modify so you can make sure they fit.

As if that wasn’t enough, I have these two makeups for you to buy too.

Both makeups can be worn in tree different ways, the whole set as seen, eyes only or lips only.

So, what are you waiting for? Time to shop.

Mainstore and Unhinged gacha festival