World Goth Fair has begun

I know I am late in getting this post out, and I am very sorry, but you know what it’s like when you have been working for hours upon hours, and just set up in the last few minutes upon the event I was a tad exhausted.

Anywho, World Goth Fair is once again upon us. You guys know how much I love this event, and how much I support this charity, so this is a big deal for me and my store.


Pin Me Down is proud to be a sponsor of this years event, on the Cursed sim (You’ll find my booth just left of the Gothika Mobile Unit). And by the way, keep an eye on Gothikas schedule over the next few weeks, lots of great DJ’s coming by to play, and all for a great cause.


So, onto the goodies I bring this year.

So, come on down to Cursed and find my booth or check out the official blog for all the landmarks to the other sims, and all the other fun things going on during the event.


Fantasy Faire has just begun

Fantasy Faire is upon us once again.
I know you’ve all been waiting on get your hands on even more fantasy goodies, and thankfully, here it is.

Now, let me show you what kind of goodies I bring;

First up is 
Aliruin comes is six different colours, so feel free to be picky and choose your favourite colour.

Second up; 
Tyni is a set of lipsticks, with colours to perfectly match Aliruin.

and last, but certainly not least is;  
Taru. Two sets of cute little coloured makeup strips. Pick out whichever colours strikes your fancy.
These strips are small and colourful and goes with whatever outfit you might like.

As for these new releases, remember, all the profits of the donation vendors goes towards curing cancer, so come on down and shop.

Here is your landmark: Blackwater Glenn and here is the website for Fantasy Faire, where you can check out all the other designers, the Flickr group and get all the Landmarks you might need