New releases at PMD, Main store rebuilt and more!

It has been a busy few days over at the Pin Me Down main store.

The whole thing has now been rebuilt, a lot of items has been added to the floors, some older items has been retired…the whole thing.

I’ve also got to thank Summer for helping me rebuild the store, without her this would have taken a lot longer. She will also be helping me post new releases, so don’t be surprised if you see her name on some posts.

As if that wasn’t enough, I am also taking part in the Body Art Hunt, so come on down and search for the hidden item. Teleport to the main store is here

The theme of this hunt is Carnival, so of course I had to go with some lively purple and blue. Features two sets of eyes in mesh and system layers, and of course a pretty lipstick to match.

PMD - Dance


For the first time ever, Pin Me Down is taking part in The Makeover Room, and I am excited to join this event.

I made two sets of lipsticks for the LeLutka heads. These are appliers only, take note of that…and expect to see more new fun things such as this from me at The Makeover Room.


Enjoy ❤


What’s that? A sneaky sale at PMD?

Oh, oh yes indeed it is.

Today I ran through my mainstore and reduced the prices of quite a few items for you guys to find, cause hey, sneaky sale, so come on down and find them!

On november 27:th _everything_ in the store (excluding gachas, however the separately sold fatpacks are included) will be reduced by 50% or more of the original cost.

I am about to make room for a lot of items that are new, or just didn’t fit in the store before, so a lot of the items currently in the store will be retired once this sale has ended, so this is your last chance to see them in world.

If you want an early edge on the sale, better get down to the mainstore now and hunt down those cheap items!

Pin Me Down in “Cry of the Peacock”

The Sequel to Room 326!
The fortune teller Madame Peacock is back from investigating the mystery of Room 326 and has discovered the shocking truth! However, not all is lost. She needs the help of a brave detective with a sharp wit to face all odds and free the victims trapped souls. With the help of her tarot cards and your investigative skills, the future looks bright, but what does fate have in store for you?
More Challenges, More Prizes, More Fun!

My gift, if you solve the hunt, is this set. Tattoo layer makeup, mesh eyes and system eyes.

Happy hunting ❤

More info about the hunt can be found here

Two new releases, and a sneaky sale

Ello pretty people.
As you may have noticed, SAKIDE is having a pre-Christmas sale in her store were everything is 40% off, she asked other merchants on the land if we wanted to join in too. So yups, Im having a sale..and I have new releases.

First up is

A very soft and pretty wintery makeup, comes in many different variations to wear it. Full makeup as seen, snowflakes only, eyes only, lips only and so on.

Then we have

Slightly heavier makeup, this also has many different options in how you can wear it.

And since it is a sale for this weekend, you can find these two new makeups for only 40L

Don’t forget to pop by the store, I have heavily reduced the prices of many other makeups too.

Here is your ride to the mainstore

Some new goodies to be had

If you missed out on The Resting Place and these makeups, don’t fret, I have now added them to the mainstore so you can come by and buy them instead.

Yeah, Im really pleased with how these turned out, so you may just be getting more Black metal-inspired makeups soon 😛


Now, back to more serious things. PMD is taking part in the Unhinged gacha festival, a fundraiser for the amazing Eku Zhong. I have both a gacha and vendors up, 75% goes directly to Eku so come by and support a good cause. Besides from me, you will find some amazing vendors and you will want to buy all the things.

In the gacha you will find this. 8 different makeups with 8 different eyelashes, none of the lashes look the same, so you will want to collect them all. The lashes have tiny little sculpted skulls on them, and they are modify so you can make sure they fit.

As if that wasn’t enough, I have these two makeups for you to buy too.

Both makeups can be worn in tree different ways, the whole set as seen, eyes only or lips only.

So, what are you waiting for? Time to shop.

Mainstore and Unhinged gacha festival


The Resting Place

Are you ready for the best scary hunt out there? Ready to get scared out of your mind? Then the Resting place is the right hunt for you.

Pin Me Down is taking part with two exclusive makeups this time. These can only be found deep inside the scary maze that is the Resting place during the duration of the hunt, so what are you waiting for?

Come on down for some terrifying fun